Who We Are

U.S. Capitol Building at NightAACAP-PAC is the voice of child and adolescent psychiatry on Capitol Hill. As the only PAC representing child and adolescent psychiatrists, our mission is clear: To educate, support, and elect candidates for Congress who advocate for child and adolescent psychiatry and child mental health. AACAP-PAC’s vision for the future is that child and adolescent psychiatry will have strong relationships with legislators, so that Congress acts to improve child mental health. To make our vision a reality, we need you to join AACAP-PAC today.

To learn more about the AACAP-PAC, you can download and view our 2023 AACAP-PAC Annual Report. This report details important facts about AACAP-PAC and summarizes the successful year that we had.

Board Members

  • Lisa Durette, MD, AACAP-PAC Co-Chair
  • George Fouras, MD, AACAP-PAC Co-Chair
  • Adrienne Adams, MD
  • Alicia Barnes, DO
  • Edward Bender, DO
  • Clarence Chou, MD
  • Melvin Oatis, MD
  • Scott Palyo, MD

If you have questions for a member of the PAC-Board or AACAP-PAC staff, please contact us at pac@aacap.org


AACAP-PAC 2023 Annual Report